Meaty Heart

your heart had been aching for so long
its strings were intertwining, tangling,
it was beating harder than it ever did

you told me those people
played you like an old violin
with old strings ready to snap

they made you feel so good
vibrated your core
they made you feel alive again

until they played too fast
the strings broke,
then the bow slipped
and struck you deeply

they were just fulfilling
their own carnal desires
with your meat
-y heart

Regurgitation (Wine Terror)

Fuck you!
he said,
drowning in a wine terror

back up to the surface

he’s regurgitating now

all of it
all of those things they
did and do to him

I look at him now
as he crawls back from the toilet
as he’s losing control
his tears start falling down

defeated, torn
and dripping all over

he’s hurting, I understand :

he yells to keep that
masc on but

I hate those who don’t
and won’t ever
get him

and see who’s under
the masc


Pôle nôrd, pôle sud
je voyagerai entre les deux
d’un pôle, à l’épaule

je n’arrive plus à porter
ma douleur sur mes épaules

épaule à épauler
en aircraft
j’irai de galazie en galaxie

pour mieux malaxer
ce spleen accompli
repli et rempli
encore et encore
d’un bout à l’autre

souple, court et essouflé
j’arrive finalement à

Spleen accablé

je marchais dans le quartier
une autre tentative pour calmer ce spleen
qui m’accable ces jours-ci
je ne sais pas nager,
mais je flotte dans sa bile noire

tout comme toi,
il ne se calme pas
hyperactif et lâche
vous me causez des ennuis

toi tu ne m’as jamais relâché
je croyais qu’on n’était plus rien
puis tu revenais aussi vite
je t’emmerdais, je te tapais sur les nerfs
puis tu revenais aussi vite
je t’avais même frappé pour me défendre
puis t’est quand même revenu

t’es comme une crisse de mauvaise grippe
t’est là, et tu ne pars pas
t’es là, et je suis misérable
t’es là, je m’habitue
t’es là, j’ai mal — partout

mais là
j’espère que restera au loin
au cas où je ne pourrais m’empêcher
de t’inviter et que tu finisses par
re-venir chez/sur moi

tu partiras pour de vrai
comme un fantôme
je ne te reverrai plus,
mais j’aurais toujours
ces frissons ici et là
ils me rappellent par où tu es venu

Brief Run

I woke up
naked, and waiting
for him
to love me again
to insert his comment
in my mid-sentence

I’m still waiting
for his love, to give
but, I think he’ll keep me waiting,
once more

I don’t know what came over me
I got dressed
put my topcoat over me and my briefs
and unshamedly, proudly
walked… and started running

as far as I could
away from him, our bed

away from his love
yet still, to give (away all his secrets)

Should there be no trace

should there be no trace of us
here at this brewpub table

should there be no trace of you here,
or of your car parked here

should there be no trace here
of your drunken tears and terrors

and should there be no trace
of you, on my bedsheets next to me

I’ll trace the line
and I’ll memorize it

I’ll trace the line
because the other night
I fell in love with you

I’ll trace the line
so I can’t forget you

I’ll run on the line
and make my way
as far away as I can
from you

I’ll run on the line
I’ve nothing to lose
now since you’ve left

forgetamine 200

I searched too deep, too far

I’m so far gone
my selfish attempt
to know why you’re not
I’ve forgotten who I am

meanwhile you’re out there,
living your best life with this boy
your current receptacle
for your nightly pollution

yet I’ll always be
attempting to swallow
that pill you gave me
forgetamine 200mg
pale colored
too rough

but like you,
I just keep coughing it right up
and it doesn’t stay

Plague of Yewe


Been a month now
since you left

but I still can’t
wash your scent
off my sheets
off my chest
the taste of you
on my tongue

even my
god damn
glass of wine
tastes like your lips

your lips
they never stopped
always kept going
should’ve called you the
southbound to nowhere
since you went as fast as
a train about to derail
you’re a hot mess
boiling to a roar
about to crash

I wish you well.